"Kate Becker's music is incredible, distinctive, lovely, poetic, jarring, comforting, vulnerable, warm and kind of saucy. Voice like silk. And it's an awesome band made up of Tucson's best, each a virtuoso in his own right" - David Fitzsimmons - Arizona Daily Star

"Musically, Pirate Radio steps away from the jazz and funk influences of her 2010 Soft Revolution album, incorporating Latin sounds, both from the Caribbean and the Arizona-Sonora borderlands....."http://www.tucsonweekly.com/tucson/the-big-u-chicago-music-store/Content?oid=6225498

“Kate Becker's band plays some serious funk, but her voice is all about jazz and blues. The combination is beguiling—and it doesn't hurt that Becker's backing band regularly hits the sweet spot, playing R&B rhythms so subtly that it seems almost effortless.”     

          -Gene Armstrong, The Tucson Weekly (read full article

“Kate Becker and The Zodiacs have hit their stride. It’s obvious the talented four-piece was meant to bring forth fantastic music, and all of these 11 tracks  prove that. They know each other musically and personally, and it shines through in spades – both on the album and on stage.”     

          -Jamie Manser, Zocalo Magazine (read full article

“Singer/songwriter Kate Becker is a woman whose talents extend beyond the obvious....bringing together an eclectic mix of musical styles that includes Jazz, Funk, R&B, Country and Rock, while blazing new trails into unexplored musical soundscapes. With the Zodiacs, she has developed a sound that reflects the best of New York sophistication and Old Pueblo desert soul.”    

          -David Resto, The Bisbee Observer 

"Kate Becker is a gas and a class act...her warm, voluminous voice is especially convincing when she duets with Stuart Oliver" 

         -Willy Neubauer, Zurich Tagesanzeiger (read full article

"Unlike some jazz singers whose work tends to lean more toward pop, Becker stays true to the form. The musical hooks are subtle, and the vocal phrasing--sometimes sharp and syncopated, other times more breathy and sultry--is always in service to the material."     

          -Jim Lipson – The Tucson Weekly (read full article

"To experience the work of Kate Becker is to be brought into a world of rhythm soul and raw emotion. Her music reflects the influences of jazz, blues and world music beautifully woven together to produce a vocal performance that is warm, passionate and very compelling" 

         -Nanette Natal, Jazz vocalist (http://benyomusic.com)