Kate Becker's music is incredible, distinctive, lovely, poetic, jarring, comforting, vulnerable, warm and kind of saucy. Voice like silk. And it's an awesome band made up of Tucson's best, each a virtuoso in his own right. ”

— David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star

New Release, Pirate Radio Available Now!
Pirate Radio: CD
  • Pirate Radio: CD
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Becker conceived her latest record on a trip to the Florida Keys after being interviewed by a third generation radioman for an independent station called Pirate Radio. Utterly intrigued by this theme, she wrote a concept album about the historic usage of old ships for broadcasting, the future of independent radio and the endless challenges and rewards of speaking your truth and facing off with your darkest shadows.

While the album has a Caribbean-Latin feel, Kate’s sultry and soulful voice is deeply rooted in Jazz and Blues. Co-produced by Petie Ronstadt (Ronstadt Generations) and featuring some of Tucson's hottest Jazz, Latin and Mariachi musicians.

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